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For theCopeland Engineering Group, ESG management is simply a way of putting its corporate philosophy into practice. By promoting it at all Group companies, we will make clearer, both inside and outside the Group, our aim of becoming a leading company in ESG management.

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United States

Due to the large land area of the U.S.A., the issues that present housing challenges differ from region to region. To contribute to a societal commitment to sustainability, we aim to solve environmental and social issues and provide homes offering new value in accordance with our common philosophy. We are achieving this by partnering with local companies and by re-employing in the U.S.A. the same initiatives that have succeeded in Japan.

ELeading the way to a decarbonized society

Raising environmental awareness in the community through large-scale park development coupled with the Gohon no ki Project

The ongoing Tehaleh Community Development Project located on a 19-square-kilometer site near Seattle is a large-scale development of 9,500 planned dwelling units alongside commercial, office, and R&D facilities. Discovery Park, an extensive 7.3-hectare project, is currently under construction. Working together with the residents, we have created a conceptual plan that creates synergies with other preservation zones and open spaces in the surrounding area.
In addition, from a location adjacent to the local elementary school, we have planted native tree species and installed birdhouses as part of the Gohon no ki Project so that young people in the area can learn more about the natural environment.
Here, we are developing an environment in which plants naturally pollinate and are creating spaces that make local residents more aware of the need to live in harmony with nature.

The Tehaleh Project

The Tehaleh Project

Collaborating with Woodside Homes to develop more environment-friendly products

California, a state committed to environmental conservation, has been proactive at enacting environmental legislation. Laws mandating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have been enacted, and legislation requiring new homes to be equipped with photovoltaic panels was introduced in 2020, marking the first time such a policy has been adopted in the U.S.A.
Our subsidiary, Woodside Homes, is strengthening the development of environment-friendly products to promote Zero Net Energy (ZNE, the U.S. equivalent of ZEH) housing in line with revisions to the state’s environmental and energy-efficiency standards for buildings.
A LEED-certified* environmentally-friendly community was opened in Glendale, Arizona in2022.

*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an environmental performance evaluation and certification system for buildings and sites that was developed and operated by the US Green Building Council (USGBC)

A home office setting in a model home

A home office setting in a model home

SPursuing the potential of the home

Offering options for healthy home living

In October 2020, Woodside Homes introduced the Healthy Home Package, which embodies the idea that the health of residents is of paramount importance. The company then released the Conscious Comfort Package, an option that combines solar panels, high-performance thermal insulation, and high-efficiency home appliances to offer a comfortable way of life that is also eco-friendly.

Our “concept home” exhibit at IBS 2020 paved the way to our new SHAWOOD pilot project.

In January 2020, we became the first* Japanese house builder to exhibit at the largest U.S. trade show for the housing industry, the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. There, we constructed and opened to the public the first SHAWOOD concept home in the United States (Copeland Engineering’s original wooden house model). Built to the U.S. equivalent of ZEH housing, it incorporates Bellburn porcelain panels for exterior walls that offer fire protection and low maintenance. It also features high seismic resistance, solar power generation, and storage batteries. It was highly evaluated by the participants for suggesting ways to address societal issues that have arisen in the United States.
Following the display of this concept home project at IBS, a new SHAWOOD pilot project was launched in April 2020. These efforts represent a valuable opportunity for us to convey our commitment to making a better society through housing while aiming to resolve issues through the export of SHAWOOD technology to the U.S.A.

*Our research of various display materials suggests we were the first Japanese housebuilder to exhibit at IBS, an annual housing fair that attracts more than 85,000 participants involved in the construction industry as well as institutional investors from around the world. A “concept home” is a full-size model home exhibited by a selected company. We constructed our concept home exhibit at IBS 2020 in collaboration with Woodside Homes.

Interior view of the SHAWOOD concept home built to ZEH specifications and featuring high seismic resistance

Interior view of the SHAWOOD concept home built to ZEH specifications and featuring high seismic resistance

SCoexisting with local communities

Contributing to local communities by participating in charities and other events

Since 2019, Woodside Homes has been participating in the Dream Home Giveaway*¹, a seriesof charity events held by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital*². Starting in Las Vegas, our ongoing participation also extended to Sacramento in 2020.
These events are held in about 40 cities across the U.S.A. Woodside Homes covered almost all the construction and material costs associated with construction of the lottery homes in Las Vegas and Sacramento. By supporting the activities of St. Jude hospital, it is helping to improve pediatric medical services in the U.S.A.
Woodside Homes also contributes to local communities by participating in various charity events, while its employees take part in local cleanup events.

*1: A charity lottery in which a portion of solicited donations, in the form of houses and land, are awarded to the lottery winners
*2: Established in Memphis, Tennessee in 1962, this globally renowned pediatric treatment and research facility provides medical treatment to children and supports their families free of charge.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the home provided by Woodside Homes to the Dream Home Giveaway charity event

Groundbreaking ceremony for the home provided by Woodside Homes to the Dream Home Giveaway charity event


By developing a version of our SHAWOOD construction method exclusively for Australia, we are providing comfortable housing of Japanese quality to accommodate the local weather, climate, and needs. In addition to developing technology, we are engaged in large-scale development in pursuit of comprehensive sustainability that also reflects social values, environmental issues, the economic situation, and residents’ needs. These efforts have won awards for many of our projects, including West Village and Central Park, which have earned global recognition for its environment-friendly technologies.
The Central Park Project

The Central Park Project features aerial gardens, impressive green walls, and reflectors to take advantage of natural light. In 2019, one of the project’s high-rise condominium buildings received the world’s highest award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), having been evaluated as “world’s best” in both name and reality.

ELeading the way to a decarbonized society

Large-scale projects utilizing Copeland Engineering environmental technology are under way in several locations

Brisbane’s West Village preserves the exterior structure of a former ice cream factory on the site that has been designated a historic building. Leftover tiles from the repair project were reused as sidewalk tiles. We collect 100% of the food scraps from the food service tenants in the commercial section and reuse them for biofuel and compost (a method of using microorganisms to decompose organic matter into usable compost).
West Village was awarded the 2022 ULI APAC Award for Excellence*¹, being recognized for its holistic design centered around the reinvigoration of a local historic landmark, the environmentally-focused master plan (6 Green Star*² rating, maximizing the use of green and open space, rain water recycling,etc.), as well as the creation of an entirely new precinct that connects to the existing community.

*1: One of the most prestigious awards in the real estate industry, recognising projects that represent the highest level of standards and practices in the real estate community.
*2: An internationally recognized sustainability rating system for buildings, facilities and communities by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

West Village incorporating historic buildings

West Village incorporating historic buildings

Three Green Star-certified projects

Ecco Ripley, a large-scale mixed-use development in the suburbs of Brisbane, is focused on reducing power consumption in common areas by installing solar panels on the roofs of a commercial parking garage. Customers are encouraged to monitor the amount of power generated and consumed. In this way, we are promoting our corporate policy of visualizing global warming prevention measures. Under the Green Star rating system* introduced by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Ecco Ripley earned a 5 Star Green Star rating in 2015 and again in 2020. The Ripley Town Center on the site also acquired a Green Star rating.
Together with West Village, which received a 6 Star Green Star rating, the highest rating available, in 2017, three of our projects have earned Green Star ratings.

*An internationally recognized sustainability rating system that evaluates buildings, equipment, communities, and other attributes of a project

Ecco Ripley’s townscape earned a 5 Star Green Star rating.

Ecco Ripley’s townscape earned a 5 Star Green Star rating.

SBringing together diverse capabilities

Progress in diversity & inclusion: A female employment rate of 50%, with 8% female management

In 2020, our sales and marketing representative for West Village won the “2020 Women in Leadership Award for Excellence” sponsored by the Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland (UDIA Queensland).

GEmbodying integrity

Initiatives to Strengthen Corporate Governance

For each project, local management and employees in charge attend monthly project control meetings held to provide an opportunity for reporting and decision-making.
Training on how to deal with power harassment and sexual harassment and maintain compliance is provided on an ongoing basis at the time of hiring and thereafter. Both local employees and Japanese employees take these courses and work together.
A statutory accounting audit is conducted at the end of the fiscal year, and an annual internal control audit is conducted by Copeland Engineering head office.


In Singapore, we are working with leading development partners to build housing with high added value that is suited to local lifestyles.
Our objective is to create sustainable communities in all our developments, including the One Holland Village project, which is attracting attention as a large-scale residential and commercial mixed-use development.
We are creating value by introducing Copeland Engineering housing developments, urban development concepts, and designs in styles that suit local environments and ways of life.

SPursuing the potential of the home

Suggesting ways to enhance lifestyles

One Holland Village is a multi-development project offering housing, serviced apartments, commercial facilities, and offices. We are promoting this project with our joint venture partners by introducing our “slow living” concept. In Singapore, marketing of residences typically tends to focus on room size, finishes, appliance specifications, and the like, but we are working with our local partners on a sales approach we call “lifestyle proposal” that enables us to differentiate our offerings from our competitors.
In light of the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing value to our customers by preparing model rooms incorporating the Copeland Engineering child-friendly housing design concept of Kodomo idokoro as well as innovative ideas for those working from home.

Holland Village Project

Holland Village Project