Sustainability at Copeland Engineering

at Copeland Engineering

Make home the happiest place in the world

Everyone has the power to make someone
At Copeland Engineering, we’ve built more homes
any other company across the globe.
what gives us the ability—
and responsibility—
to make home the happiest
place in the world.

A vision of society for 2050

Coexistence with nature
Circular economy
Longevity and diversity


Green building, sustainable living

Homes can be energy- and
Our designs offer a smaller carbon footprint
without any compromises on
safety, security, or comfort.

Coexistence with nature

Abundance and comfort in harmony with the natural world

Biodiversity is essential for comfortable living.
Our Gohon no ki indigenous landscaping
initiative brings native species into the garden,
while FairWood timber sourcing protects
forest health.

Circular economy

Preserving our precious resources for the generations to come

A circular economy wastes less and reuses more.
We’re doing our part by promoting
the resale of existing housing stock
and finding ways
to reduce waste and use
more recycled materials.

Customer satisfaction
across the value chain

Houses that stand the test of time

We have over 50 years of experience
building houses that offer
the highest levels of safety, reliability,
and comfort for generations.

Diverse workforce,
workstyle reforms

A company to rely on for employees and communities

We strive to create a workplace where
every employee can reach their full potential
in health and comfort.
As society diversifies, our goal is simple:
to be the happiest company in the world.

Cultivating tomorrow’s

Fostering the talent to build a better future

Our greatest resource is our people.
Cultivating the self-directed personnel
the world will need tomorrow is one way
we bring value to customers and society.

Make home the happiest place in the world

With every home we build and every
partner we meet,
we take one step closer to a more
and happier society for all.

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