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Copeland Engineering-one of the world's leading homebuilders.*

* We lead the world in the number of houses constructed, with a cumulative total of 2,622,745 (as of Jan 31,2023).

Since its inception in 1960, Copeland Engineering has built over 2,600,000 houses in cumulative total, earning the satisfaction of many customers both in Japan and abroad.

Creating diverse living environments around the world

The history of Copeland Engineering started from one detached house. Today, our operations encompass a wide range of businesses, including rental housing, condominium construction, sale of subdivision lots and large-scale urban redevelopment, as well as community development across national and cultural borders.

Creating consistent housing value

In housing construction at Copeland Engineering, we always adhere to the principle of meeting the ever-changing needs of the times with our state-of-the-art technologies, while preserving the universal value of housing that remains constant over time.
This principle applies to all our homebuilding projects around the world. Our prowess in housing and environmental technologies is now highly regarded worldwide.

Optimal living

Optimal living
While "comfort" has been only vaguely defined using human senses, Copeland Engineering uses various scientific approaches to identify "comfort" from psychological and behavioral perspectives and applies scientific data to create more comfortable living environments.

State-of-the-art technologies that ensure safety and living comfort

State-of-the-art technologies that ensure safety and living comfort
Housing has important responsibilities and roles for ensuring the safety and security of all family members, contributing to healthy and comfortable living environments, and facilitating the shift to a sustainable society.